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History of Europe

History of Europe - A Historical Atlas of Europe from Year 1 until Year 2000

Year 2000

Europe in Year 2000

Year 1900

Europe in Year 1900

Year 1800

Europe in Year 1800

Year 1700

Europe in Year 1700

Year 1600

Europe in Year 1600

Year 1500

Europe in Year 1500

Year 1400

Europe in Year 1400

Year 1300

Europe in Year 1300

Year 1200

Europe in Year 1200

Year 1100

Europe in Year 1100

Year 1000

Europe in Year 1000

Year 900

Europe in Year 900

Year 800

Europe in Year 800

Year 700

Europe in Year 700

Year 600

Europe in Year 600

Year 500

Europe in Year 500

Year 400

Europe in Year 400

Year 300

Europe in Year 300

Year 200

Europe in Year 200

Year 100

Europe in Year 100

Year 1

Europe in Year 1

Sequential maps on the same base map of Europe and the Near East, which are facilitating comparison

The Periodical Historical Atlas of Europe shows the evolution of this continent through a sequence of 21 historical maps, every map depicting the political situation at the end of each century.

In the high resolution pages, you will find 21 minimaps giving access to 84 quarters of maps with detailed views of the states, provinces and cities. Moreover, for each century, a direct access to the complete map of Europe is provided.

Navigation through the atlas is easy: on the left side of the pages, two arrows, forward and back, are allowing temporal navigation and you can change the current view by clicking on the thumbnail maps. French and German versions of this historical atlas are also provided and you can view them by clicking on the small flags.

Alternatively, if you have a narrow band connection you can access to the same maps in low resolution, without the cities.

However, if you want to perform detailed searches, we recommand the software Periodical Historical Atlas of Europe available by direct download or as a CD-ROM in Expert version, with a 1000 % zoom level and a search index or Euratlas Periodis Basic version with a 6000 % zoom factor.

You may use the Euratlas images and maps, as they are available on the websites and, for educational or illustration purposes but you must mention the source in that way: © 2003 Christos Nussli, www No commercial use is allowed.