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Geography Maps

Geography Maps : Atlas of Europe and World Atlas

Atlas of Europe

Physical Atlas of Europe

This Atlas of Europe encompasses the cultural areas of European history. That is why it displays also the North Africa and Middle-East countries. Consequently, for projection reasons, the Scandinavian lands, especially Finland, are not shown and we apologize for that to our visitors.The Atlas can be used for education or research. It is divided in 5 different Europe maps: Mountains, Rivers, Towns, Countries and Images. Each page displays an interactive map of Europe and is followed by a list of its major features. You can click on a name and display its position on the main map. Check the Explanation page for more details. You will find free blank maps of Europe in the Euratlas-Info section.

World Atlas

World Atlas

The Euratlas world atlas shows all the sovereign countries of the world and highlight their location on the planishere, as well as their flag, their name, in English and in local language, their capital, their area, population and the average life expectancy of the inhabitants. You can also see the major rivers and mountain ranges of the world and, by clicking on their name, you will display the location of these geographic features on the planisphere.

India Map