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Special Euratlas maps from the Periodical Historical Atlas v. 1.2
Egypt 2000
Egypt 1900
Egypt 1800
Israël & Palestine 2000
Israël & Palestine 1900
Iraq 2000
Iraq 1900
Iraq 1800
Time Pictures: freely illustrated chronology with Euratlas maps

Roma: city maps of ancient Rome
Rome and its Seven Hills
The districts of Rome in year 100
Rome in year 100
The goddess Roma from Peutingerian Table

Euratlas maps hosted by De Imperatoribus Romanis
Imperial Battle Map Index
Constantinople in AD 1000

Euratlas antique maps
Post-Roads map of Europe 1781
Northern Italy 1854
European Turkey and Greece, around 1830
Asian Turkey 1872

Euratlas-Info from nr 11
History Mapping

Links not related to the Periodical Historical Atlas of Europe
Pictures of  a Dugon
The fantasy map of "Chance"
Pictures of Juanalberto, the Duck
The Qustul chest, a strange artifact
Nautical map of Suda peninsula
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