Euratlas Periodis Basic
  • Euratlas Periodis Basic

Euratlas Periodis Basic


2000 years of European history, 1 detailed map per century


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A historical atlas showing the European and Mediterranean countries at the end of each century, from year 1 to year 2000. This basic version is provided in vector format as a PDF document and can be consulted from hard disk with Adobe Reader under all operating systems.

Euratlas Periodis Basic is a valuable tool for teaching history because the spatio-temporal exploration possibilities will arouse the interest of every student.


Platform independent.

Adobe Acrobat or Reader required.

Main Features

- 21 maps of Europe and the Mediterranean basin in vector format.

- 1 map per century from year 1 to year 2000.

- Political situation at the first day of each centennial year.

- 1600% maximal enlargement factor.

- 1600% maximal enlargement factor.

- Partial maps can be printed with Adobe Reader.


Ease of use was quite remarkable.  I experimented with the search function in locales that I knew very well from my research and also in locales that I was unfamiliar with and found both instances to be very helpful.

Amelie Bell

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